To register for an event simply click the link that applies to your situation for registration.

If you want to register and pre-pay for the event, there will be two buttons on the event page to allow you to pre-pay as a member of the "Photo Studio Club" or as a non-member.  Please note that being a member of our Meetup Group does not make you a member of the Photo Studio Club.  For information on the Photo Studio Club, CLICK HERE.

The payment buttons will show up only if we accept pre-payment for the event.  If we do not accept pre-payment, then the buttons will not show.  We generally do not accept pre-payment for "one on one" events.

If you want to register without paying in advance, if you want to use pre-paid credits or if you have a discount card or other special situation, just click the link on the page to send us an email.  We will get back to you promptly and will handle the situation for you.
We offer a variety of discounts you are welcome to take advantage of:
  Pre Paid Credits:   Pre-Paid credits are offered as an economical way to save money on events.  As an example, you can generally purchase $300 in credits for just $250.  If you have credits, you may use them to pay for events.  Pre-Paid credits are both sold at a discounted price and, for a limited time, when you purchase pre-paid credits, you will also receive a voucher good for one free fashion event.   
  Loyalty Card:   Non-members may request a "loyalty card" at any time they attend an event.  A "loyalty card" is like a "Frequent Flyer Program" on the airlines.  Every time you attend an event, you get one punch.  When you accumulate five punches, your next fashion event is free.  One thing is very important to note.  It is your responsibility to request yoru card and to have it punched at the event.  We will not issue cards for any prior events or punch cards at a future date.  You must have your punch done on the date that you attend the event.  
A model release is provided to each and every photographer, upon request, at every event.  Except for "one on one" events, you will be provided with a "non-nude" promotional release for each shoot you attend.  A promotional release allows you to use any images you take at event for self-promotion.  As an example, you can use it for your business cards, post it to Facebook or include it in either your online or hard-copy portfolio.  If you produce flyers for your business, you may use it for that.

You may not, however, license the images for use by anyone else.  You may not sell licenses or prints.  You may not use the images in a book or any other type of commercial use, other than for self-promotion.

If you would like to purchase a full commercial release from a model, that can be purchased for $25 from each model in attendance.  In other words if there is one model, the cost is $25.  If you want to purchase commercial releases from two models, then you would have to pay $25 each.

The terms of the release will be identical for the shooting limits for the event.  So, if an event is advertised as a "fashion shoot," you will receive a non-nude commercial release.  If an event is a glamour shoot, where nudity was offered, then you will receive a nude-commercial release.  We have six types of release forms which are available.

The release forms are:

If you attend a "One on One" style event, where the entire event is structured shooting with one photographer shooting a single model, you will typically receive a commercial release as part of the price.  The limits on the release will coincide with the limits for the events.

In addition, we generally offer photographers the opportunity to book a model for an individual shoot after most events.  This is an opportunity to shoot with the model "one on one" with only a thirty minute minimum.  You may book for as little as thirty minutes up to as many hours as are available.  In all cases, if you book a model for a private shoot after the event, you will receive a commercial release as a part of the booking.

It is important to note that the release will be consistent with the limits for the day, not the type of private shoot you have booked for.  That is important to note.  As an example, if you book a model for a fashion shoot after an event but she posed topless during the group, you will get a "Limited Nude Commercial Release" even though your private shoot was only fashion.

This is an interesting feature since a commercial release typically costs $25.  In most cases, a thirty minute private fashion booking costs $35.  So, for $35 you get a private shoot with the model plus the commercial release.
  With very few exceptions, models may be booked for private, individual shoots immediately after events.  The booking takes place at the shoot location.  If you need to take the models elsewhere, you must make arrangements in advance.  When you book a model, you may book them up the the limits specified in the shoot description.  In other words, if a model is listed as, for example, swimwear as the shoot limits for the day, you may not book her for lingerie, even if they shoot lingerie at other events.  There are many reasons why limits are set for specific events, and asking the model to shoot at higher limites may get you excluded from some future events.

Except for "One on One" events, models are booked for shoots right after the event.  A sign-up sheet will be passed around.  If you are a member of the Photo Studio Club, you may pre-reserve a booking slot by making the request when you register for the event.
  The rates listed below are the normal rates models charge depending on the limits that they are modeling for.  Please note:  Different events involve different modeling styles.  While some of our events do offer lingere, inplied or nudity, many do not.  Models are not expected to pose past their limits.  The rates listed reflect what a model will normally charge when doing individual shoots after an event.  These rates do not reflect the type of modeling that a model will be willing to do.  Please refer to the limits for each model and then look at the appropriate rates.  
  LIMITS    1/2 HOUR   1 FULL HOUR  
  Fashion   $35   $65  
  Swimwear   $35   $65  
  Lingerie   $45   $75  
  Covered Topless   $50   $80  
  Covered  Nude   $55   $85  
  Topless   $60   $90  
  Limited Nude   $65   $100  
  Full Nude   $65   $100  
There is one last important item to note.  One of the services we are providing is to give you the opportunity to make contact with both local models and those that we bring in.  When we have a popular model from out of town, we will bring them in repeatedly, giving you opportunities to shoot with them again in the future.  It is totally appropriate to speak with models, at events, to inquire about shooting them another day at another location.  Your request cannot exceed limits listed for the model as their general limits (not necessarily the limits for the event).  You must also discuss what you want, clearly with the model.  Whether or not she is willing to do a shoot outside the event is totally at her discretion, but if she agress, you are welcome to do so.  
  In order to prevent misunderstandings, we have defined the meaning of the terms we use when publishing limits for a model or limits for an event.  It is important to note that, while we have defined limits and rates from fashion to full nude, models set their own limits.  If for example, a model sets her limits as "Swimwear," that limit is to be respected even if other models are doing something else or if the model has had other limits in the past.  Likewise, we also publish limits for an event.  Event limits apply even if a model is available for higher limits at other events.  The important thing is to respect the model's limits and to respect the limits for the event!  
  FASHION   Fashion covers any type of fashion, including casual, sport or formal.  The model may be asked to wear pants, dresses, skirts, shorts or other similar attire.   
  SWIMWEAR   Swimwear is as it appears.  It includes swimsuits of all kinds, whether one piece or two piece.  It is the model's discretion if she is comfortable with thongs, spaghetti straps, brazilian bottoms or other excessively revealing swimweear.  It is permissible to inquire of a model as to her comfort level, but other than traditional one piece swimwear or bikinis, anything more revealing is at the discretion of the model.    It should be noted that most models that do swimwear are also comfortable in fitness attire.  
  LINGERIE   Lingerie encompasses most kinds of sleepwear and intimate wear (such as a bra and/or panties).  While lingerie may include sheer materials, mesh and/or thongs, those styles are strictly at the discretion of the model.  By publishing this limit the model will always be willing to wear lingerie that is opaque and has a full bottom, but may be willing to do more.  It is permissible to ask the model to define what types of lingerie she is comfortable with, but it is always at the discretion of the model.  
  COVERED TOPLESS   When a model publishes a limit of Covered Topless, that means that she is willing to remove her top, but cover her nipples using her hands or props.  Generally speaking, it is permissible to shoot the side of the breast so long as the nipple is covered.  When a model agrees to pose in the style of covered topless, it will be at her discretion as to whether or not she is willing to pose wearing a thong or g-string.  Likewise, some models will choose to wear pasties to ensure that their nipples remain fully covered.  If you want a model to wear a thong or if you are concerned that they will wear pasties, it is permissible to inquire of the model, but it is strictly at the model's discretion.  
  COVERED NUDE   When a model publishes a limit of Covered Nude, that means that she is willing to pose nude, but neither her nipples or genitals will be exposed to the camera.  It is permissible to expose the model's buttocks, and thus the model may be asked to pose with or without a thong or g-string.  While the model will generally be nude and will use her hands, props, poses or the environment to cover, some models may choose to wear pasties or a Merkin.  Those are at the discretion of the model.  If you are concerned that the model may choose to wear either of those while posing, it is acceptable to inquire before you book her.   
  TOPLESS   When a model publishes a limit of Topless, that means that she is willing to remove her top and fully expose her breasts, including the nipple.   When a model agrees to pose in the style of topless, it will be at her discretion as to whether or not she is willing to pose wearing a thong or g-string.  While most models that pose topless, will be comfortable in a thong, do not presume that to be the case.  If you want a model to wear a thong or g-string, it is permissible to inquire of the model, but it is strictly at the model's discretion.  
  LIMITED NUDE   When a model publishes a limit of Limited Nude, that means that she will be fully nude in the photos but will not expose her genitals to the camera.  She will pose in a manner that hides her genitals from the shot.  She will, however, fully expose her breasts and buttocks and will otherwise be nude in the photos.   
  FULL NUDE   When a model publishes a limit of Full Nude that means she will pose nude and is comfortable exposing her breasts, buttocks and genitals to the camera.  When saying that, it is important to emphasize that we do not do open leg or erotic poses.  We do what would be thought of as "tasteful full nude."  
  As with all businesses, we have rules.  Fortunately, we don't have a lot, but they are intended to protect the models.  We want, above all, to create a safe shooting environment.  We take the rules seriously!  
1. DO NOT TOUCH THE MODELS!  The rule is as simple as that. 
  2.   Always show the models respect.  This goes without saying.  
  3.   Never go into the dressing room, wherever it is.  Turn you back if they change outside.  
  4.   Never ask a model to shoot beyond her limits.  This seems obvious, but often forgotten.  We post limits so you know the model's comfort level.  
  5.   Keep it tasteful.  I thinik that says it all.  
  6.   WE DO NOT ALLOW VIDEO for any shoot that involves nudity or implied nudity.  The models are able to select and control their poses for still photography.  They have less control when video is being shot.  For fashion or swimwear events, video is permitted with the consent of the model being taped.  
  7. Be careful as to what you say.  We've all had things come out in a way that we haven't intended.  In our environment, it is easy to be misunderstood.  A little moderation goes a long way.  
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