We have activated a new set of forums and message boards for this site.  The message boards are open to the public.  If you are unregistered you may read many of the forums but you may not post.   Registration is open to everyone, and when you register, you will have access to all forums except for those specific to club members.

There are two forums, "Photographers" and "Models" which may be red by any registered member but may be posted to only by photographers or models, respectively.

One interesting feature of the new forums are a place to post portfolios of your work.  That includes both models and photographers.  The portfolios are open to anyone that has attended one of our events.  Please feel free to use the feature.

We also have areas where you may post images from both recent and past events.  Use that feature as well.

Please show respect to everyone on these message boards.  Flaming and outting will not be permitted.  Other than that, we don't intend to heavily moderate the boards.

I hope to approve all registrations within three days.  Enjoy the forums.

PLEASE NOTE:  The message boards are a work in progress.  It is hosted our own servers and we are in the process of tweaking it and working out the bugs.  It functions correctly but there are still a few qwerks. 

If you find an issue or have a suggestion, please CLICK HERE
to send us an email to describe the problem.

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