(Photoshoot with Models)

  September 17, 2020 - October 3, 2020
  Carnival Miracle  
  Our Ship - The Carnival Miracle - One of My Favorites
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" This is a very preliminary announcement.   We have made reservations for the Carnival Miracle for September 17, 2020.  This is a sixteen day cruise to Hawaii.  We already have one photographer signed up so this cruise is an absolute "GO!"  I am announcing it early so that people have time to make plans.

I will be bringing one or more models, with the models to be decided in spring of next year.  The cabin we have reserved is able to accomodate up to two models, additional cabins are possible for more models based upon sign-ups by photographers.  I am open to suggestions as to models, but I am certain that we will have plenty of choices since this is a storybook destination.  Since the cruise is over a year away, it is too early to commit to the specific models.

We picked this cruise since it leaves out of San Francisco and the fare is less for sixteen days than for fifteen days out of San Diego or Los Angeles.  Another plus on this cruise is that it goes to five Hawaiian Islands rather than the four that are normaly stopped at. 

At this point we already have a photographer signed up who is willing to share a cabin with an "easy to get along with" cabin mate.  With double occupancy, this will be affordable.   You are also welcome to get your own private cabin.  Cabin's range from inexpensive inside locations up to extravagent suites.  We currently have two, budget priced cabins booked on a good deck with large windows but no balcony.  It is a great location and rate for the trip. 

Something to note is that the Carnival Miracle is probably the best ship for shooting that we have found as a cruise ship.  I've been on it multiple times and the locations continue to amaze me.  You will not be disappointed.  I was excited to hear it would be the ship!

It is not necessary to pay for either the full tuition or your cabin at this time.  To sign up for this event, we require only a $300 deposit towards your tuition.  The balance isn't due until June 1, 2020.  It is not too early to sign up.  One photographer has already committed.  You may reserve your cabin at your leisure. 
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(price is subject to increase
as we get closer to the cruise)

The price is for your tuition to attend.
You are responsible for payment for your cabin.

Most expenses on the ship are included
in your cabin price

Check cruise details above for more information!

You must pay a $300 deposit
to register.  Upon registration
you will be notified of the balance due
which must be paid by June 1, 2020

Clicking the button will take you to PayPal where you may pay your deposit
A PayPal account is not required.
  SHOOT LOCATION:   The shoot will take part on a cruise offered by Carnival Cruise Lines.  This is an authorized shoot.  While at sea, we will shoot throughout the ship.   During the cruise, we are allowed to shoot in some of the closed bars and other public rooms.  We get free rein of the open public spaces, including the casino.  We will also have a deluxe cabin with both a bed and a couch, which we may shoot in.

We will have organized, planned shoots, at each of our ports of call, including beach shoots, fashion shots and more.  We pay all the expenses to organize these shoots.

There are planned group shoots every day of the cruise, both on the ship and ashore.  We also plan both a sunrise and sunset shoot.  We will have a full light kit with us onboard the ship.
  SHIP DETAILS:   We are traveling on the Carnival Miracle.  It departs out of San Francisco.  It is your responsibility to purchase and pay for your own accomodations on the ship.  You are free to purchase your own cabin or we can assist you in sharing if that is your preference.  The Carnival Miracle offers cabins in the following classes:  Interior, Ocean View, Balcony or Suite.   When you pay your deposit we will either assist you in sharing a cabin, if possible or will provide you with instructions to book your cabin directly with Carnival if you prefer your own accomodations.  It is important to contact our representative to book your cabin since that will coordinate you with our group.   Cruising is an all inclusive price.  When you pay for your cabin, it will include all shipboard transporation, meals and most activities.  Alcholic beverages, certain upgraded dining, shore excursions, some spa services, tips and upgraded room service are not included.  Speak with Carnival to answer any specific quesitons.   Payment of your deposit guarantees you a place on the shoot but does not guarantee you a cabin on the ship.  If there are no cabins available on the day you pay your deposit, we will refund your deposit.  We recommend that you either make a reservation for a cabin or arrange to share a cabin as soon as possible once you pay the deposit on your tuition.  While there are cabins available on the ship now, the ships sometimes fill up quickly and unexpectedly.  To reserve a cabin on the ship, you need only pay the deposit.  You will not have to pay your balance until June 1, 2020.  Carnival also offers an "easy-pay" plan.  
  SHOOT LIMITS:   The limits for this shoot will be fashon and swimwear with lingerie and nude possible depending on the models decided upon by the group.  The models will be shooting both fashion and swimwear on the ship and while ashore.  
  PRIVATE BOOKINGS:   The models are available for private bookings.  Private bookings are available, but you are not required to book a model.  You may do a private booking on the ship any time when there is no organized group or on shore after the groups are completed in each port.

The rate for private bookings will be determined by the model's limit.  Rates will normally be $45 per half hour or $85hr non-nude.  If the models are avaialble to do nudes, the rate will be $65 per half hour or $100hr for nude.
  RELEASE:   This event includes a non-nude promotional release for both models.  If you book either model for a minimum of an hour, you will get a full commercial release which is good for all shots taken on the cruise.  If you do not wish to book a model yet want a commercial release, you may purchase a commercial release, good for the entire cruise, for just $50.  
  DISCOUNTS:   There are no special discounts for this event.  
  PAYMENT:   Payment can be made by cash, PayPal or credit card.  To sign up for the cruise, a three hundred ($300) dollar deposit is due with your registration.  Payment must be made, in full,  by June 1, 2020 or your registration will be cancelled and your deposit forfeited.  Once made, your deposit is non-refundable, however, if you cancel prior to June 1, 2020, your deposit will be applied as event credit, which may be used, as any credit, towards payment for GPS events.  On March 1, 2020, we will switch to late pricing and all prices will go up $200.  That is to encourage you to register early so we can plan better for the cruise.  Also, once the ship fills up, we will no longer be able to accomodate more photographers.   
  MODEL RATIO:   Our normal ratio is no more than four photographers per model, although on cruises we normally have no more than two or three to one.  
  EXCLUDED ITEMS:   The price of tuition includes the fee paid to Group Photo Shoots to produce the event.  The tuition does not inclulde your cabin onboard the Carnival Miracle along with any other charges incurred with Carnival for things such as alcholic beverages, tips, casino charges, shore excursions or upgraded dining.  It also doesn't include transportation to the ship or parking at the port.  Group Photo Shoots will cover all expenses for the models and provide transportation and other services to conduct photo shoots both on the ship and ashore.  Sometimes, as a group, the photographers decide to do things such as upgraded dining, shore excursions, etc which are not included, however if the group decides to do extra things, for which there is a cost, you are not obligated to participate.   Your tuition does not include meals at restaurants ashore.   Your tuition includes all group shoots, but if you elect to book a model for an individual private shoot, the cost of private shoots is also not included.  
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