Do you like to save money?  If you enjoy our events, one of the best ways to save money is to purchase "pre-Paid Credits."  With pre-paid credits, you pay for future events at a substantial discount. 

The way it works is that you buy "Credit Sheets" in $100 increments.  Each sheet has twenty $5.00 coupons.  The sheets are bought in increments from $200 to $500.  You buy them when you come to attend an event and must be paid for in cash.

To purchase credits, register for an event by using the "Special Registration."  Indicate that you are coming and will purchase credits.  We will sell you credits at the door but give you the pre-paid price.
  Credit Amount Discount Purchase Price  
  $200 10% $180  
  $300 15% $255  
  $400 20% $320  
  $500 25% $375  
  Once you have purchased credits, register for future events using the "Special Registration" feature.  If you register by midnight on the day before the event, you will be given the "Pre-Paid" rate when you show up at the door.   If you attend as a "walk-in," you may still use your credits but you will not get the "pre-paid rate."  
  Pre-Paid Credits come with few conditions and restrictions, but this is what you need to know.  
  1.   Pre-Paid credits must be paid for in cash.  We do not accept credit cards of any kind as payment for credits.  
  2.   Pre-Paid credits are non-refundable after purchase.  
  3.   Pre-Paid Credits do not expire, but if you don't use them within one year, your balance reverts to the remaining pro-rated value of what you paid for them, rather than the face value remaining on the credit  
  4.   Pre-Paid Credits may be used for payment for most things, but they may not be used for the following:  
  a.   Private bookings with models after events.  
  b.   Payment for "One on One" events.  
  c.   Payment for Boat shoots, Cruises or overnight travel events.  
  d.   Payment for events which are offered by the Photo Studio Club in which you have been invited by a member as a guest.  
  e.   Paymrent for events marked as "pre-paid credits not accepted" with the understanding that most normal events do accept pre-paid credits.  
  Do you have any other questions about "Pre-Paid Credits?"  CLICK HERE to send us an email!  
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