Group Photo Shoots was established in 1998 to produce events in an environment where models and photographers could interact safely.  It gets its roots from an event called "Two for Ten."  The first "Two for Ten" events were produced in 2001 in Southern California.  The concept of "Two for Ten" was that we would have two models in a group of ten photographers.  Those events grew quickly and they were renamed "Two for Ten, plus More!"

The events were originally tied to our talent management company in Southern California.  When we relocated to the Bay area, we tied it to our studios. For many years, we offered events regularly in both Northern and Southern California.  Since about 2012, we've offered our events primarily in Northern California.  In total, we've produced over 2,500 workshops and networking events.  If you join our Meetup group for the Bay area, we have almost 1,800 past events listed there.

One thing that has made us unique is that our policy has always been to make our events affordable.  Keeping our fees low has allowed us to create a community where photography is within the reach of all our friends. 

Our tradition has been to "forge our own path."  We don't typically work with the traveling models or those that you find at other events in the area.  We bring in models from around the country, locate new talent you haven't met and attempt to create an experience that is unique to us.

We combine that with locations that vary week by week.  We add in the services  of a make-up artist and many shoots.  We have a lighting technician that works as a lighting director for mainstream films and combine that with loads of gear and equipment.

Today, our founder is retired. 
The group goes on with the help of others .  We hope the tradition goes on for years to come.
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