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Help: Event Vouchers & Credit Coupons

We've Got Something New & Exciting!

In an effort to better serve our customers, we are transitioning from selling bulk-purchase event vouchers to a credit system. We think it will be easier for us to manage and easier for you to understand.

As of today (Feb. 22, 2015) we are currently in the process of converting unredeemed vouchers to credit coupons. This requires no action on your part.  Unexpired vouchers will be converted at face value.  Expired vouchers will be converted at 75% of face value. Be aware this only applies to purchased vouchers. Complementary or special promotional event vouchers will not be converted.

What is a voucher?

A voucher is essentially a pre-paid ticket which may be redeemed for admission to an event instead of paying using cash, check, or credit card. Event vouchers are accepted as complete payment for admission to most of our events, but not all. Make sure you read the event description carefully. Vouchers may not be accepted at all for certain events. For some specially priced events, a voucher may be accepted as partial payment.

What is a credit coupon?

A credit coupon is different from a voucher in that it doesn't necessarily exactly correspond to the price of admission.  Each credit coupon has a specific value and may be redeemed either in full or in part towards the cost of admission to most of our events.  Also, unlike vouchers, multiple credit coupons may be combined as needed.

We frequently offer discounts on credit coupons.  For example, we may offer a $250 credit coupon for just $200, giving you a discount of 20% for whatever events you use it with.

When your credit coupon's value exceeds the cost of an event, after we redeem it, we issue you a new credit coupon for the difference.  For example, if you redeem your $250 coupon for an event priced at $90, you'll receive a new coupon valued at $160.

We also occasionally offer promotional credit coupons to event attendees. For example, at some events if you book one of the models for a one-on-one shoot, you may receive a $10 credit coupon.

Most credit coupons may be used only towards admission to an event. They cannot be applied to things like booking a model.  Also, be aware that credit coupons are not accepted at all for certain events. Make sure to read the details for each event.

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