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Info For Photographers

We've made a point of putting on great group shoots for years. Now we've made our shoots even better. Our shoots are designed to bring models and photographers together. Unlike most events, the majority of the money you pay goes to the talent meaning that the creative community benefits the most from our events.

We offer a wide variety of events ranging from instructional workshops to photo adventures. The gambit of our shoots move from the studio, to the beach, to the oceans, to mansions and more. We have a shoot to suit anyone's taste.

The most important thing is that our events a planned by the models so they not only participate, they are an integral part from start to finish. We have models coming from all over the U.S. to make our events unique. You get the opportunity to work with talent that you have never seen before. It is never just one more of the same old thing.

We have very few rules at our events:

  1. Do not touch the models.
  2. Let us know if you must cancel - It is the model being hurt if you don't show!
  3. Respect the model's limits. If you are shooting a teen, keep it age appropriate.
  4. Do not enter the dressing rooms for any reason.
  5. If you promise a model prints or a CD, please follow through!
  6. Have fun! That is why we are all here.

That's it! We don't publish our specific shoot locations because we don't allow walk-ins. When you register you will be given the address for the shoot.

Do you have an idea for a shoot or a workshop, just let us know. We'll see what we can do.

Would you like to organize your own event and have us sponsor it? Then just CLICK HERE and we'll be glad to send you more information.

A word about payment. We typically will accept cash or credit cards for most of our events. We don't accept personal checks to register, however a model, at her discretion, may accept checks for private bookings. Please look carefully at the event description to determine if credit cards are accepted for a particular event. Acceptance is at the discretion of the model since they may not want the risk of chargeback.

Also please note that pre-payment is not required for registration at our events. We take our payments at the door. What we do have is a one-strike policy. If you register for an event and fail to show up, you will not be permitted to register for another event until you pay the full registration for the "no-show" event. You may cancel your attendance at any event with forty-eight hours notice without penalty.

Enough said, let's shoot!

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