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Glamour Events

Group Photo Shoots is best known as the largest producer of glamour photography events in the United States. We produce them in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento and have sponsored the "Arizona Shootout" since it first began.

We produce a wide variety of glamour events for photographers of all levels and all interests:

  • Glamour Bash
  • Adventure Bash
  • One on One Glamour Events
  • Swimsuit Glamour Events
  • Lingerie Glamour Events

Each kind of event has an entirely different flavour and style. The Glamour Bash is a large event with as many as a dozen models where "One on One" is just as it appears, a single photographer with a single model.

Regardless of your interest, there will be an event that fits what you are looking for. We host at least two glamour events every week throughout California.

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