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Workshop Events

An important part of photography is improving your skills.  Whether you want to learn to take the perfect headshot, become a glamour photographer or simply understand how to make money in the business, we offer workshops and seminars for photographers of all levels.  Our instructors have many years of experience, both in photography and teaching.  Our workshops are meant to be affordable but comprehensive allowing you to walk away with the knowledge you need to take your craft to the next level.

Bob Elvin

Bob Elvin is an experienced commercial photographer, director and a frequent instructor at colleges, university and city programs througout the city. Bob teaches classes geared to teach a subject or technique. His current curriculum includes:

  • Basic Photography and Camera Use
  • Lighting Water & Wet Sets
  • Multiple Models
  • Shooting Motion
  • Shooting Italian Vogue Style
  • And A Lot More!

The goal of his workshops is for you to walk away and to know how to do something. Whether it is lighting models in water or just learning basic studio techniques, his instruction is practical, not theoretical. A goal is set and you should walk away with the knowledge to get the shot on your own.

Alan Brenner

Alan Brenner is the owner of Group Photo Shoots and is an accomplished commercial/glamour photographer and director. He also taught at the university level. Alan approaches photography a lot differently than Bob because he looks a little less to the technique and more towards the art. With is many years of experience, he also knows the business. His classes have included:

  • Fine Art with a Single Light
  • Placing Lights at Radical Angles
  • Using Gels Unconventionally
  • Shooting Motion
  • Body Painting & Fine Art
  • Making Money With Your Camera
  • And A Lot More!

Alan uses a style where he challenges his students by pusing their knowledge to the limit and then puts that style into practical use. The diversity in style gives the student the opportunity to pick the environment that best fits their needs. In the end though, everybody learns and comes away a better photographer.

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