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Special Sunday Event - Models and Snakes!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Studio 1764, San Leandro, CA

Some of you may have heard or seen on our social media (Studio1764 across all social media platforms) that our neighbor at the studio has some cool pets (reptiles and spiders) and offered to have us shoot with them. Sam is all for it and travled from our of town, so we will have a great afternoon shooting with beautiful models and colorful snakes!

Sam has awesome tattoos and tan skin and there will be opportunity to shoot the models with or without snakes, and also snakes with or without models.

First time for a group event and Sam is very excited, so you don’t want to miss this!

This event is priced at
$60 for members
$80 for non-members!

Sam will be available for private bookings in fashion or lingerie, and up to nude.

This low priced event accepts vouchers, credits and is included in the Enhanced or All Access membership to allow more people to attend and book afterwards.

Meetup is only used for annoucing the event so please use the registration banner
and sign up at to reserve your spot.


Models: Sam Bam
Snakes: Rza and others

Description: First of many unique events that are low priced to allow you to collaborate then book the model. This event is part of the weekend multi-event discount.
PRICING: $80 for non-club members, $60 for club members.
PRE-PAYMENT VOUCHER: This event may be paid for with a event vouchers, credits and is included in the Enhanced or All Access membership.
DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE: Members automatically recieve $20 discount. Register more than 3 days in advance and recieve an additional $10 discount. Attend the Cheeky Fashion event and recieve the multi-event discount.
RELEASE: This event includes a promotional non-nude commercial release. Commertial release can be purchased for $25
PAYMENT: Prepayment for this event is required. You may no longer make payment through Meetup. You must do so through our website.

Models Who Attended This Event

Sam Bam
Full Nude

Photo Studio Club


$60.00 For Photo Studio Club Members


Date:9/20/2015Location:Studio 1764 - San Leandro, CA
Start Time:1:30 PMStop Time:3:30 PM
# of Models:1Local Models:Traveling
Location Type:Professional StudioLighting:Studio Lighting
Event Style:Special Studio ShootPosing Limits:Topless
Release Included:Non-Nude PromotionalRelease Available:Commercial Release $25

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