Photo Studio Club

Terms Of Membership

We'd love to have you as a member of the Photo Studio Club.  Here are the full terms of the membership offer:

  • Dues are $75 per month, $400 for six months, or $750 per year
  • There is a one time initiation fee of $50, except with an annual membership.
  • Automatic monthly payments are available, charged to a credit card.
  • Checks accepted as first payment of $200 then $150 every two months
  • Membership requires a minimum six month commitment.
  • $200 cancellation fee or balance, whichever is less for early termination.
  • Contract may be terminated if you lose employment or are transferred out of area.
  • Free studio time is for non-commercial use, fine art or for stock photography.
  • Studio use is non-exclusive, meaning others may use at same time.
  • Exclusive rentals and commercial rentals are at a fifty percent tier discount.
  • Free studio time may be scheduled from 10am until 9pm daily, subject to availability.
  • Membership includes six hours of free studio use in every calendar month.
  • Advance reservations must be made for studio use to ensure staffing.
  • Membership includes access to all club related activities and meetings.
  • All members are eligible to run for club office.
  • Members get a discount to all events held through Group Photo Shoots.
  • Studio Use includes use of all lighting gear and studio equipment.
  • Guest photographes may join members up to once per month for $50 a shoot.
  • Members may bring a make-up artist and up to two models for studio use.
  • Members are responsible for damage and breakage while using studio.
  • Pocket Wizards are available to rent for $10 per rental, while supply lasts.
  • Termination of membership requires thirty (30) day's notice.
  • Members are responsible for following all reasonable rules and regulations.
  • Members shall not enter the dressing room at any time, including rentals.
  • The use of marijuana or illegal drugs is not permitted in the studio.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the studio.

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