About Photo Studio Club

The Photo Studio Club is a semi-autonomous group of photographers that operate a camera club and photo studio co-op out of the studio operated by GPS Studio Services. The studio serves as a clubhouse, meeting place and shared studio for the use of all the members. The club has its own officers responsible for organization and operation. The events and the club are operated autonomously by the members.

The Current officers of the club are:

Steve Thurston- President
Brian Miller - Secretary/Treasurer

Elections are held every September

The club was formed to bring photographers from the San Francisco Bay area, of all levels, together to meet, share and practice their craft. To facilitate that, GPS Studio Services has made their facility available, at a low, shared cost, so that all members would have within their reach a first class, professional facility.

The Photo Studio Club also has made arrangements with Group Photo Shoots to provide its members with special pricing for group shoots and photography workshops.

The Photo Studio Club opened its doors to members on April 1, 2011 and hopes to become a permanent, stable part of the San Francisco artistic community.

Photographers are welcome to come tour the studio, meet with our officers and become a part of the group.

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