Photo Studio Club

Do you want to spend time with people who love photography? Are you an amateur, semi-pro or student photographer who is always looking for a place to shoot? Are professional studios beyond your reach? Not anymore. We have a solution for you.

The Photo Studio Club is a place where people get together because they love photography. We spend time together, shoot together, socialize together and do what we all love, make art.

The Photo Studio Club is a combined effort of GPS Studio Services and Group Photo Shoots. Through GPS Studio Services, members have access to one of the best equipped studios in the Bay area. At almost 5,000 square feet of studios, offices and storage, you have the ability to shoot virtually anything you'd like.

Through Group Photo Shoots, you have organized photography events, workshops, shooting adventures and a lot more. Whether you want to shoot on a cruise ship or do fashion in the studio, Group Photo Shoots offers it all.

With a membership you can involve yourself with everything that we do. We offer three kinds of memberships:

Studio Lovers
Event Lovers
Studio + Events

With all of our memberships you get monthly meetings and special events just for members. You get to spend time with others that love what you love, photography.

With the "Studio Lovers Membership" you get six hours, per month of schedulable studio time. It is available from 10AM to 10PM, seven days a week, based on availability. In addition, you get two free organized studio shoots each month that are just for members. On top of that, you get a discount on every event sponsored by Group Photo Shoots. This is the perfect membership for someone that wants to come to a few events or workshops each month, wants to socialize with other photographers and would like to have low cost use of a professional studio.

The second option is what we call the "Event Lovers Membership." This is for someone that loves to shoot and wants to shoot often. With the Event Lovers Membership, you don't get free studio time as a part of your membership (although you do get a 25% discount on rental time). Instead you are allowed to attend an unlimited number of club events and events sponsored by Group Photo Shoots every month. Since we put on over 200 per year, it is an incredible deal. The only exceptions are that you can't attend the "one on one" events or the traveling events, such as cruises. All other events are included in the price.

The last option is a "Combined Membership" which provides you with both. You get all the benefits of the "Studio Lovers Membership" along with the benefits of the "Event Lovers Membership" as well. It is the ultimate photography experience.

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