Group Photo Shoots

Group Photo Shoots has been producing high quality photo events since 1998. To date, we have produced over 2,500 events. We produce events that feature fashion, glamour, portraits and more. We offer supervised shooting experiences as well as workshops intended to help you improve your skills.

All of our events feature live models. Unlike many promoters that hire traveling models, we bring in models from all over the country. If you shoot a traveling model at our events, we brought them in for you to shoot.

We do indoor and outdoor events. Indoor events take place at studios, hotels, museums, private homes and more. We look for great places to shoot and then open them up to you. Outdoor events take place in locations all over California. They range from beaches, to gardens, to museums, city locations and a lot more. We take pride in doing great location searches.

We’re known for setting up sanctioned events onboard cruise ships. We’ve done nine of them and now do them 2-3 times every year. We have cruises to Mexico, the Caribbean and Alaska. All feature live models and a great shooting experience.

Join us for an affordable event and take your photography to the next level.


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